Cryogenic Trapped-Ion System for Large Scale Quantum Simulation

TitleCryogenic Trapped-Ion System for Large Scale Quantum Simulation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPagano, G, Hess, PW, Kaplan, HB, Tan, WL, Richerme, P, Becker, P, Kyprianidis, A, Zhang, J, Birckelbaw, E, Hernandez, MR, Wu, Y, Monroe, C

We present a cryogenic ion trapping system designed for large scale quantum simulation of spin models. Our apparatus is based on a segmented-blade ion trap enclosed in a 4 K cryostat, which enables us to routinely trap over 100 171Yb+ ions in a linear configuration for hours due to a low background gas pressure from differential cryo-pumping. We characterize the cryogenic vacuum by using trapped ion crystals as a pressure gauge, measuring both inelastic and elastic collision rates with the molecular background gas. We demonstrate nearly equidistant ion spacing for chains of up to 44 ions using anharmonic axial potentials. This reliable production and lifetime enhancement of large linear ion chains will enable quantum simulation of spin models that are intractable with classical computer modelling.