Verification Logics for Quantum Programs

TitleVerification Logics for Quantum Programs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRand, R
Type of ArticleOriginally submitted in March 2016 as a qualifying examination (WPE-II) for the PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania

We survey the landscape of Hoare logics for quantum programs. We review three papers: "Reasoning about imperative quantum programs" by Chadha, Mateus and Sernadas; "A logic for formal verification of quantum programs" by Yoshihiko Kakutani; and "Floyd-hoare logic for quantum programs" by Mingsheng Ying. We compare the mathematical foundations of the logics, their underlying languages, and the expressivity of their assertions. We also use the languages to verify the Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm, and discuss their relative usability in practice.