Unextendible Product Basis for Fermionic Systems

TitleUnextendible Product Basis for Fermionic Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsChen, J, Chen, L, Zeng, B
JournalJournal of Mathematical Physics
Date Published2014/01/01

We discuss the concept of unextendible product basis (UPB) and generalized
UPB for fermionic systems, using Slater determinants as an analogue of product
states, in the antisymmetric subspace $\wedge^ N \bC^M$. We construct an
explicit example of generalized fermionic unextendible product basis (FUPB) of
minimum cardinality $N(M-N)+1$ for any $N\ge2,M\ge4$. We also show that any
bipartite antisymmetric space $\wedge^ 2 \bC^M$ of codimension two is spanned
by Slater determinants, and the spaces of higher codimension may not be spanned
by Slater determinants. Furthermore, we construct an example of complex FUPB of
$N=2,M=4$ with minimum cardinality $5$. In contrast, we show that a real FUPB
does not exist for $N=2,M=4$ . Finally we provide a systematic construction for
FUPBs of higher dimensions using FUPBs and UPBs of lower dimensions.

Short TitleJ. Math. Phys.