Steady-state superradiance with Rydberg polaritons

TitleSteady-state superradiance with Rydberg polaritons
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGong, Z-X, Xu, M, Foss-Feig, M, Thompson, JK, Rey, AMaria, Holland, M, Gorshkov, AV
Date Published2016/11/02

A steady-state superradiant laser can be used to generate ultranarrow-linewidth light, and thus has important applications in the fields of quantum information and precision metrology. However, the light produced by such a laser is still essentially classical. Here, we show that the introduction of a Rydberg medium into a cavity containing atoms with a narrow optical transition can lead to the steady-state superradiant emission of ultranarrow-linewidth nonclassical light. The cavity nonlinearity induced by the Rydberg medium strongly modifies the superradiance threshold, and leads to a Mollow triplet in the cavity output spectrumthis behavior can be understood as an unusual analogue of resonance fluorescence. The cavity output spectrum has an extremely sharp central peak, with a linewidth that can be far narrower than that of a classical superradiant laser. This unprecedented spectral sharpness, together with the nonclassical nature of the light, could lead to new applications in which spectrally pure quantum light is desired.