Resonantly driven CNOT gate for electron spins

TitleResonantly driven CNOT gate for electron spins
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsZajac, DM, Sigillito, AJ, Russ, M, Borjans, F, Taylor, JM, Burkard, G, Petta, JR
Date Published2018/01/26

Single-qubit rotations and two-qubit CNOT operations are crucial ingredients for universal quantum computing. Although high-fidelity single-qubit operations have been achieved using the electron spin degree of freedom, realizing a robust CNOT gate has been challenging because of rapid nuclear spin dephasing and charge noise. We demonstrate an efficient resonantly driven CNOT gate for electron spins in silicon. Our platform achieves single-qubit rotations with fidelities greater than 99%, as verified by randomized benchmarking. Gate control of the exchange coupling allows a quantum CNOT gate to be implemented with resonant driving in ~200 nanoseconds. We used the CNOT gate to generate a Bell state with 78% fidelity (corrected for errors in state preparation and measurement). Our quantum dot device architecture enables multi-qubit algorithms in silicon.