Quantum Machine Learning for Finance

TitleQuantum Machine Learning for Finance
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsPistoia, M, Ahmad, SFarhan, Ajagekar, A, Buts, A, Chakrabarti, S, Herman, D, Hu, S, Jena, A, Minssen, P, Niroula, P, Rattew, A, Sun, Y, Yalovetzky, R
Date Published9/9/2021

Quantum computers are expected to surpass the computational capabilities of classical computers during this decade, and achieve disruptive impact on numerous industry sectors, particularly finance. In fact, finance is estimated to be the first industry sector to benefit from Quantum Computing not only in the medium and long terms, but even in the short term. This review paper presents the state of the art of quantum algorithms for financial applications, with particular focus to those use cases that can be solved via Machine Learning.