Opportunities for Nuclear Physics & Quantum Information Science

TitleOpportunities for Nuclear Physics & Quantum Information Science
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCloët, IC, Dietrich, MR, Arrington, J, Bazavov, A, Bishof, M, Freese, A, Gorshkov, AV, Grassellino, A, Hafidi, K, Jacob, Z, McGuigan, M, Meurice, Y, Meziani, Z-E, Mueller, P, Muschik, C, Osborn, J, Otten, M, Petreczky, P, Polakovic, T, Poon, A, Pooser, R, Roggero, A, Saffman, M, VanDevender, B, Zhang, J, Zohar, E
Date Published03/13/2019

his whitepaper is an outcome of the workshop Intersections between Nuclear Physics and Quantum Information held at Argonne National Laboratory on 28-30 March 2018 [www.phy.anl.gov/npqi2018/]. The workshop brought together 116 national and international experts in nuclear physics and quantum information science to explore opportunities for the two fields to collaborate on topics of interest to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics, and more broadly to U.S. society and industry. The workshop consisted of 22 invited and 10 contributed talks, as well as three panel discussion sessions. Topics discussed included quantum computation, quantum simulation, quantum sensing, nuclear physics detectors, nuclear many-body problem, entanglement at collider energies, and lattice gauge theories.