On the need for soft dressing

TitleOn the need for soft dressing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCarney, D, Chaurette, L, Neuenfeld, D, Semenoff, G
JournalHigh Energ. Phys.
Date Published2018

In order to deal with IR divergences arising in QED or perturbative quantum gravity scattering processes, one can either calculate inclusive quantities or use dressed asymptotic states. We consider incoming superpositions of momentum eigenstates and show that in calculations of cross-sections these two approaches yield different answers: in the inclusive formalism no interference occurs for incoming finite superpositions and wavepackets do not scatter at all, while the dressed formalism yields the expected interference terms. This suggests that rather than Fock space states, one should use Faddeev-Kulish-type dressed states to correctly describe physical processes involving incoming superpositions. We interpret this in terms of selection rules due to large U(1) gauge symmetries and BMS supertranslations.