The Lieb-Robinson light cone for power-law interactions

TitleThe Lieb-Robinson light cone for power-law interactions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsTran, MC, Guo, AY, Baldwin, CL, Ehrenberg, A, Gorshkov, AV, Lucas, A
Date Published3/29/2021

The Lieb-Robinson theorem states that information propagates with a finite velocity in quantum systems on a lattice with nearest-neighbor interactions. What are the speed limits on information propagation in quantum systems with power-law interactions, which decay as 1/rα at distance r? Here, we present a definitive answer to this question for all exponents α>2d and all spatial dimensions d. Schematically, information takes time at least rmin{1,α−2d} to propagate a distance~r. As recent state transfer protocols saturate this bound, our work closes a decades-long hunt for optimal Lieb-Robinson bounds on quantum information dynamics with power-law interactions.