High-precision quantum algorithms for partial differential equations

TitleHigh-precision quantum algorithms for partial differential equations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsChilds, AM, Liu, J-P, Ostrander, A
JournalQuantum 5, 574
Date Published11/4/2021

Quantum computers can produce a quantum encoding of the solution of a system of differential equations exponentially faster than a classical algorithm can produce an explicit description. However, while high-precision quantum algorithms for linear ordinary differential equations are well established, the best previous quantum algorithms for linear partial differential equations (PDEs) have complexity poly(1/ε), where ε is the error tolerance. By developing quantum algorithms based on adaptive-order finite difference methods and spectral methods, we improve the complexity of quantum algorithms for linear PDEs to be poly(d,log(1/ε)), where d is the spatial dimension. Our algorithms apply high-precision quantum linear system algorithms to systems whose condition numbers and approximation errors we bound. We develop a finite difference algorithm for the Poisson equation and a spectral algorithm for more general second-order elliptic equations.