Constructing Multipartite Bell inequalities from stabilizers

TitleConstructing Multipartite Bell inequalities from stabilizers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsZhao, Q, Zhou, Y
Date Published2/5/2020

Bell inequality with self-testing property has played an important role in quantum information field with both fundamental and practical applications. However, it is generally challenging to find Bell inequalities with self-testing property for multipartite states and actually there are not many known candidates. In this work, we propose a systematical framework to construct Bell inequalities from stabilizers which are maximally violated by general stabilizer states, with two observables for each local party. We show that the constructed Bell inequalities can self-test any stabilizer state which is essentially device-independent, if and only if these stabilizers can uniquely determine the state in a device-dependent manner. This bridges the gap between device-independent and device-dependent verification methods. Our framework can provide plenty of Bell inequalities for self-testing stabilizer states. Among them, we give two families of Bell inequalities with different advantages: (1) a family of Bell inequalities with a constant ratio of quantum and classical bounds using 2N correlations, (2) Single pair inequalities improving on all previous robustness self-testing bounds using N+1 correlations, which are both efficient and suitable for realizations in multipartite systems. Our framework can not only inspire more fruitful multipartite Bell inequalities from conventional verification methods, but also pave the way for their practical applications.