Chiral transport of hot carriers in graphene in the quantum Hall regime

TitleChiral transport of hot carriers in graphene in the quantum Hall regime
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsCao, B, Grass, T, Gazzano, O, Patel, KAshokbhai, Hu, J, Müller, M, Huber, T, Anzi, L, Watanabe, K, Taniguchi, T, Newell, D, Gullans, M, Sordan, R, Hafezi, M, Solomon, G
Date Published10/3/2021

Photocurrent (PC) measurements can reveal the relaxation dynamics of photo-excited hot carriers beyond the linear response of conventional transport experiments, a regime important for carrier multiplication. In graphene subject to a magnetic field, PC measurements are able to probe the existence of Landau levels with different edge chiralities which is exclusive to relativistic electron systems. Here, we report the accurate measurement of PC in graphene in the quantum Hall regime. Prominent PC oscillations as a function of gate voltage on samples' edges are observed. These oscillation amplitudes form an envelope which depends on the strength of the magnetic field, as does the PCs' power dependence and their saturation behavior. We explain these experimental observations through a model using optical Bloch equations, incorporating relaxations through acoustic-, optical- phonons and Coulomb interactions. The simulated PC agrees with our experimental results, leading to a unified understanding of the chiral PC in graphene at various magnetic field strengths, and providing hints for the occurrence of a sizable carrier multiplication.