Yunseong Nam

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Postdoctoral Scholar (2016-2017)
3105 Atlantic Building
(301) 314-1694

Yunseong Nam was a postdoctoral associate in QuICS from 2016-2017.

His research focused on streamlining and optimizing quantum circuitries, from a smallest possible single-qubit gate to a macroscopic circuit, such as Shor's algorithm. Via extensive numerical simulations, confirmed by analytical results, Nam shows that many of quantum circuits, including one that corresponds to Shor's algorithm, may be pruned and optimized to a great extent. His current projects include investigating the error-resistance of a variety of architectures of quantum circuitries whose ideal, mathematical function is the same, determining which architectures to use in a practical, realistic setting when running a certain quantum code on a quantum computer.

Nam received his doctoral degree in physics from Wesleyan University in 2016. After QuICS, he continued on to work with Christopher Monroe at IonQ.



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