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S. P. Jain, Iosue, J. T., Barg, A., and Albert, V. V., Quantum spherical codes, 2023.
D. An, Childs, A. M., and Lin, L., Quantum algorithm for linear non-unitary dynamics with near-optimal dependence on all parameters, 2023.
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A. Senanian, Prabhu, S., Kremenetski, V., Roy, S., Cao, Y., Kline, J., Onodera, T., Wright, L. G., Wu, X., Fatemi, V., and McMahon, P. L., Microwave signal processing using an analog quantum reservoir computer, 2023.
M. Gullans, Caranti, M., Mills, A. R., and Petta, J. R., Compressed gate characterization for quantum devices with time-correlated noise, 2023.
J. P. Zwolak, Taylor, J. M., Andrews, R., Benson, J., Bryant, G., Buterakos, D., Chatterjee, A., Sarma, S. Das, Eriksson, M. A., Greplová, E., Gullans, M., Hader, F., Kovach, T. J., Mundada, P. S., Ramsey, M., Rasmussen, T., Severin, B., Sigillito, A., Undseth, B., and Weber, B., Data Needs and Challenges of Quantum Dot Devices Automation: Workshop Report, 2023.
K. A. Jackson, Miller, C., and Wang, D., Evaluating the security of CRYSTALS-Dilithium in the quantum random oracle model, 2023.
Z. Davoudi, Shaw, A. F., and Stryker, J. R., General quantum algorithms for Hamiltonian simulation with applications to a non-Abelian lattice gauge theory, Quantum, vol. 7, p. 1213, 2023.
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A. Ehrenberg, Iosue, J. T., Deshpande, A., Hangleiter, D., and Gorshkov, A. V., Transition of Anticoncentration in Gaussian Boson Sampling, 2023.
P. C. S. Costa, An, D., Babbush, R., and Berry, D., The discrete adiabatic quantum linear system solver has lower constant factors than the randomized adiabatic solver, 2023.
A. Cojocaru, Garay, J., and Song, F., Generalized Hybrid Search and Applications to Blockchain and Hash Function Security, 2023.
B. Augustino, Leng, J., Nannicini, G., Terlaky, T., and Wu, X., A quantum central path algorithm for linear optimization, 2023.
Y. - K. Liu, An Uncertainty Principle for the Curvelet Transform, and the Infeasibility of Quantum Algorithms for Finding Short Lattice Vectors, 2023.
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J. Nelson, Bentsen, G., Flammia, S. T., and Gullans, M., Fault-Tolerant Quantum Memory using Low-Depth Random Circuit Codes, 2023.
M. Liaofan Liu, Tantivasadakarn, N., and Albert, V. V., Subsystem CSS codes, a tighter stabilizer-to-CSS mapping, and Goursat's Lemma, 2023.
J. T. Iosue, Mooney, T. C., Ehrenberg, A., and Gorshkov, A. V., Projective toric designs, difference sets, and quantum state designs, 2023.
S. P. Jain, Hudson, E. R., Campbell, W. C., and Albert, V. V., Æ codes, 2023.
B. Richman, Ghosh, S., Carney, D., Higgins, G., Shawhan, P., Lobb, C. J., and Taylor, J. M., A general approach to backaction-evading receivers with magnetomechanical and electromechanical sensors, 2023.
F. Setiawan, Gramolin, A. V., Matekole, E. S., Krovi, H., and Taylor, J. M., Accurate and Honest Approximation of Correlated Qubit Noise, 2023.
Y. Xu, Wang, Y., and Albert, V. V., Clifford operations and homological codes for rotors and oscillators, 2023.
E. Onorati, Rouzé, C., França, D. Stilck, and Watson, J. D., Provably Efficient Learning of Phases of Matter via Dissipative Evolutions, 2023.