Time-dependent Hamiltonian Simulation of Highly Oscillatory Dynamics

TitleTime-dependent Hamiltonian Simulation of Highly Oscillatory Dynamics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAn, D, Fang, D, Lin, L
Date Published11/4/2021

We propose a simple quantum algorithm for simulating highly oscillatory quantum dynamics, which does not require complicated quantum control logic for handling time-ordering operators. To our knowledge, this is the first quantum algorithm that is both insensitive to the rapid changes of the time-dependent Hamiltonian and exhibits commutator scaling. Our method can be used for efficient Hamiltonian simulation in the interaction picture. In particular, we demonstrate that for the simulation of the Schrödinger equation, our method exhibits superconvergence and achieves a surprising second order convergence rate, of which the proof rests on a careful application of pseudo-differential calculus. Numerical results verify the effectiveness and the superconvergence property of our method.