Statistical Privacy in Distributed Average Consensus on Bounded Real Inputs

TitleStatistical Privacy in Distributed Average Consensus on Bounded Real Inputs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGupta, N, Katz, J, Chopra, N
Date Published03/20/2019

This paper proposes a privacy protocol for distributed average consensus algorithms on bounded real-valued inputs that guarantees statistical privacy of honest agents' inputs against colluding (passive adversarial) agents, if the set of colluding agents is not a vertex cut in the underlying communication network. This implies that privacy of agents' inputs is preserved against t number of arbitrary colluding agents if the connectivity of the communication network is at least (t+1). A similar privacy protocol has been proposed for the case of bounded integral inputs in our previous paper~\cite{gupta2018information}. However, many applications of distributed consensus concerning distributed control or state estimation deal with real-valued inputs. Thus, in this paper we propose an extension of the privacy protocol in~\cite{gupta2018information}, for bounded real-valued agents' inputs, where bounds are known apriori to all the agents.