Spin-selective strong light-matter coupling in a 2D hole gas-microcavity system

TitleSpin-selective strong light-matter coupling in a 2D hole gas-microcavity system
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsSuarez-Forero, DG, Session, DWeston, Mehrabad, MJalali, Knuppel, P, Faelt, S, Wegscheider, W, Hafezi, M
Date Published2/12/2023

The interplay between time-reversal symmetry breaking and strong light-matter coupling in 2D gases brings intriguing aspects to polariton physics. This combination can lead to polarization/spin selective light-matter interaction in the strong coupling regime. In this work, we report such a selective strong light-matter interaction by harnessing a 2D gas in the quantum Hall regime coupled to a microcavity. Specifically, we demonstrate circular-polarization dependence of the vacuum Rabi splitting, as a function of magnetic field and hole density. We provide a quantitative understanding of the phenomenon by modeling the coupling of optical transitions between Landau levels to the microcavity. This method introduces a control tool over the spin degree of freedom in polaritonic semiconductor systems, paving the way for new experimental possibilities in light-matter hybrids.