A scheme to create and verify scalable entanglement in optical lattice

TitleA scheme to create and verify scalable entanglement in optical lattice
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsZhou, Y, Xiao, B, Da Li, M-, Zhao, Q, Yuan, Z-S, Ma, X, Pan, J-W
Journalnpj Quantum Information
Date Published9/4/2022

To achieve scalable quantum information processing, great efforts have been devoted to the creation of large-scale entangled states in various physical systems. Ultracold atom in optical lattice is considered as one of the promising platforms due to its feasible initialization and parallel manipulation. In this work, we propose an efficient scheme to generate and characterize global entanglement in the optical lattice. With only two-layer quantum circuits, the generation utilizes two-qubit entangling gates based on the superexchange interaction in double wells. The parallelism of these operations enables the generation to be fast and scalable. To verify the entanglement of this non-stabilizer state, we mainly design three complementary detection protocols which are less resource-consuming compared to the full tomography. In particular, one just needs two homogenous local measurement settings to identify the entanglement property. Our entanglement generation and verification protocols provide the foundation for the further quantum information processing in optical lattice.