Randomized measurement protocols for lattice gauge theories

TitleRandomized measurement protocols for lattice gauge theories
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsBringewatt, J, Kunjummen, J, Mueller, N
Date Published3/27/2023
Other NumbersIQuS@UW-21-048

Randomized measurement protocols, including classical shadows, entanglement tomography, and randomized benchmarking are powerful techniques to estimate observables, perform state tomography, or extract the entanglement properties of quantum states. While unraveling the intricate structure of quantum states is generally difficult and resource-intensive, quantum systems in nature are often tightly constrained by symmetries. This can be leveraged by the symmetry-conscious randomized measurement schemes we propose, yielding clear advantages over symmetry-blind randomization such as reducing measurement costs, enabling symmetry-based error mitigation in experiments, allowing differentiated measurement of (lattice) gauge theory entanglement structure, and, potentially, the verification of topologically ordered states in existing and near-term experiments.