Quipper: Concrete Resource Estimation in Quantum Algorithms

TitleQuipper: Concrete Resource Estimation in Quantum Algorithms
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSmith, JM, Ross, NJ, Selinger, P, Valiron, B
Date Published2014/12/01

Despite the rich literature on quantum algorithms, there is a surprisingly small amount of coverage of their concrete logical design and implementation. Most resource estimation is done at the level of complexity analysis, but actual concrete numbers (of quantum gates, qubits, etc.) can differ by orders of magnitude. The line of work we present here is a formal framework to write, and reason about, quantum algorithms. Specifically, we designed a language, Quipper, with scalability in mind, and we are able to report actual resource counts for seven non-trivial algorithms found in the quantum computer science literature.