Quantum simulation of ferromagnetic Heisenberg model

TitleQuantum simulation of ferromagnetic Heisenberg model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsWang, Y, Tran, MC, Taylor, JM
Date Published2017/12/14

Large quantum simulators, with sufficiently many qubits to be impossible to simulate classically, become hard to experimentally validate. We propose two tests of a quantum simulator with Heisenberg interaction in a linear chain of spins. In the first, we propagate half of a singlet state through a chain of spin with a ferromagnetic interaction and subsequently recover the state with an antiferromagnetic interaction. The antiferromagnetic interaction is intrinsic to the system while the ferromagnetic one can be simulated by a sequence of time-dependent controls of the antiferromagnetic interaction and Suzuki-Trotter approximations. In the second test, we use the same technique to transfer a spin singlet state from one end of a spin chain to the other. We show that the tests are robust against parametric errors in operation of the simulator and may be applicable even without error correction.