Quantum Simulating Nature's Fundamental Fields

TitleQuantum Simulating Nature's Fundamental Fields
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsBauer, CW, Davoudi, Z, Klco, N, Savage, MJ
JournalNature Reviews Physics
Date Published4/9/2024

Simulating key static and dynamic properties of matter -- from creation in the Big Bang to evolution into sub-atomic and astrophysical environments -- arising from the underlying fundamental quantum fields of the Standard Model and their effective descriptions, lies beyond the capabilities of classical computation alone. Advances in quantum technologies have improved control over quantum entanglement and coherence to the point where robust simulations are anticipated to be possible in the foreseeable future. We discuss the emerging area of quantum simulations of Standard-Model physics, challenges that lie ahead, and opportunities for progress in the context of nuclear and high-energy physics.