Quantum Algorithms for Simulating the Lattice Schwinger Model

TitleQuantum Algorithms for Simulating the Lattice Schwinger Model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsShaw, AF, Lougovski, P, Stryker, JR, Wiebe, N
Date Published8/5/2020
Type of ArticleINT-PUB-20-008

The Schwinger model (quantum electrodynamics in 1+1 dimensions) is a testbed for the study of quantum gauge field theories. We give scalable, explicit digital quantum algorithms to simulate the lattice Schwinger model in both NISQ and fault-tolerant settings. In particular, we perform a tight analysis of low-order Trotter formula simulations of the Schwinger model, using recently derived commutator bounds, and give upper bounds on the resources needed for simulations in both scenarios. In lattice units, we find a Schwinger model on N/2 physical sites with coupling constant x−1/2 and electric field cutoff x−1/2Λ can be simulated on a quantum computer for time 2xT using a number of T-gates or CNOTs in O˜(N3/2T3/2x−−√Λ) for fixed operator error. This scaling with the truncation Λ is better than that expected from algorithms such as qubitization or QDRIFT. Furthermore, we give scalable measurement schemes and algorithms to estimate observables which we cost in both the NISQ and fault-tolerant settings by assuming a simple target observable---the mean pair density. Finally, we bound the root-mean-square error in estimating this observable via simulation as a function of the diamond distance between the ideal and actual CNOT channels. This work provides a rigorous analysis of simulating the Schwinger model, while also providing benchmarks against which subsequent simulation algorithms can be tested.