One-shot dynamical resource theory

TitleOne-shot dynamical resource theory
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsYuan, X, Zeng, P, Gao, M, Zhao, Q
Date Published12/4/2020

A fundamental problem in resource theory is to study the manipulation of the resource. Focusing on a general dynamical resource theory of quantum channels, here we consider tasks of one-shot resource distillation and dilution with a single copy of the resource. For any target of unitary channel or pure state preparation channel, we establish a universal strategy to determine upper and lower bounds on rates that convert between any given resource and the target. We show that the rates are related to resource measures based on the channel robustness and the channel hypothesis testing entropy, with regularization factors of the target resource measures. The strategy becomes optimal with converged bounds when the channel robustness is finite and measures of the target resource collapse to the same value. The single-shot result also applies to asymptotic parallel manipulation of channels to obtain asymptotic resource conversion rates. We give several examples of dynamical resources, including the purity, classical capacity, quantum capacity, non-uniformity, coherence, and entanglement of quantum channels. Our results are applicable to general dynamical resource theories with potential applications in quantum communication, fault-tolerant quantum computing, and quantum thermodynamics.