Magic State Distillation from Entangled States

TitleMagic State Distillation from Entangled States
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBao, N, Cao, CJ, Su, VPaul
Date Published6/23/2021

Magic can be distributed non-locally in many-body entangled states, such as the low energy states of condensed matter systems. Using the Bravyi-Kitaev magic state distillation protocol, we find that non-local magic is distillable and can improve the distillation outcome. We analyze a few explicit examples and show that spin squeezing can be used to convert non-distillable states into distillable ones.
Our analysis also suggests that the conventional product input states assumed by magic distillation protocols are extremely atypical among general states with distillable magic. It further justifies the need for studying a diverse range of entangled inputs that yield magic states with high probability.