Locality and Heating in Periodically Driven, Power-law Interacting Systems

TitleLocality and Heating in Periodically Driven, Power-law Interacting Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTran, MC, Ehrenberg, A, Guo, AY, Titum, P, Abanin, DA, Gorshkov, AV
JournalPhys. Rev. A
Date Published2019/11/12

We study the heating time in periodically driven D-dimensional systems with interactions that decay with the distance r as a power-law 1/rα. Using linear response theory, we show that the heating time is exponentially long as a function of the drive frequency for α>D. For systems that may not obey linear response theory, we use a more general Magnus-like expansion to show the existence of quasi-conserved observables, which imply exponentially long heating time, for α>2D. We also generalize a number of recent state-of-the-art Lieb-Robinson bounds for power-law systems from two-body interactions to k-body interactions and thereby obtain a longer heating time than previously established in the literature. Additionally, we conjecture that the gap between the results from the linear response theory and the Magnus-like expansion does not have physical implications, but is, rather, due to the lack of tight Lieb-Robinson bounds for power-law interactions. We show that the gap vanishes in the presence of a hypothetical, tight bound.