Holographic Complexity of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Gravity

TitleHolographic Complexity of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Gravity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSwingle, B, Wang, Y
JournalJ. High Energ. Phys.
Date Published2018

We study the holographic complexity of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton gravity using the recently proposed "complexity = volume" and "complexity = action" dualities. The model we consider has a ground state that is represented in the bulk via a so-called hyperscaling violating geometry. We calculate the action growth of the Wheeler-DeWitt patch of the corresponding black hole solution at non-zero temperature and find that, in the presence of violations of hyperscaling, there is a parametric enhancement of the action growth rate. We partially match this behavior to simple tensor network models which can capture aspects of hyperscaling violation. We also exhibit the switchback effect in complexity growth using shockwave geometries and comment on a subtlety of our action calculations when the metric is discontinuous at a null surface.