High-sensitivity diamond magnetometer with nanoscale resolution

TitleHigh-sensitivity diamond magnetometer with nanoscale resolution
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTaylor, JM, Cappellaro, P, Childress, L, Jiang, L, Budker, D, Hemmer, PR, Yacoby, A, Walsworth, R, Lukin, MD
JournalNature Physics
Pages810 - 816
Date Published2008/9/14

We present a novel approach to the detection of weak magnetic fields that takes advantage of recently developed techniques for the coherent control of solid-state electron spin quantum bits. Specifically, we investigate a magnetic sensor based on Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in room-temperature diamond. We discuss two important applications of this technique: a nanoscale magnetometer that could potentially detect precession of single nuclear spins and an optical magnetic field imager combining spatial resolution ranging from micrometers to millimeters with a sensitivity approaching few femtotesla/Hz$^{1/2}$.

Short TitleNat Phys