In Defense of a "Single-World" Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

TitleIn Defense of a "Single-World" Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBub, J
Journalforthcoming in Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics

In a recent result, Frauchiger and Renner argue that if quantum theory accurately describes complex systems like observers who perform measurements, then "we are forced to give up the view that there is one single reality." Following a review of the Frauchiger-Renner argument, I argue that quantum mechanics should be understood probabilistically, as a new sort of non-Boolean probability theory, rather than representationally, as a theory about the elementary constituents of the physical world and how these elements evolve dynamically over time. I show that this way of understanding quantum mechanics is not in conflict with a consistent "single-world" interpretation of the theory.