Certifying Temporal Correlations

TitleCertifying Temporal Correlations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsShrotriya, H, Kwek, KBharti Leo, Bharti, K
Date Published6/13/2022

Self-testing has been established as a major approach for quantum device certification based on experimental statistics under minimal assumptions. However, despite more than 20 years of research effort most of the self-testing protocols are restricted to spatial scenarios (Bell scenarios), without any temporal generalisations known. Under the scenario of sequential measurements performed on a single quantum system, we build upon previous works which used semi-definite programming (SDP) based methods to bound sequential measurement inequalities. For such SDPs, we show that the optimiser matrix is unique and moreover this uniqueness is robust to small deviations from the quantum bound. Further, we consider a generalised scenario in presence of quantum channels and draw analogies in the structure of Bell and sequential inequalities using the pseudo-density matrix formalism. These analogies allow us to show a practical use of maximal violations of sequential inequalities in the form of certification of quantum channels up to isometries.