Blind quantum computation using the central spin Hamiltonian

TitleBlind quantum computation using the central spin Hamiltonian
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTran, MC, Taylor, JM
Date Published2018/01/11

Blindness is a desirable feature in delegated computation. In the classical setting, blind computations protect the data or even the program run by a server. In the quantum regime, blind computing may also enable testing computational or other quantum properties of the server system. Here we propose a scheme for universal blind quantum computation using a quantum simulator capable of emulating Heisenberg-like Hamiltonians. Our scheme is inspired by the central spin Hamiltonian in which a single spin controls dynamics of a number of bath spins. We show how, by manipulating this spin, a client that only accesses the central spin can effectively perform blind computation on the bath spins. Remarkably, two-way quantum communication mediated by the central spin is sufficient to ensure security in the scheme. Finally, we provide explicit examples of how our universal blind quantum computation enables verification of the power of the server from classical to stabilizer to full BQP computation.