Bell monogamy relations in arbitrary qubit networks

TitleBell monogamy relations in arbitrary qubit networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTran, MC, Ramanathan, R, McKague, M, Kaszlikowski, D, Paterek, T
Date Published2018/01/09

Characterizing trade-offs between simultaneous violations of multiple Bell inequalities in a large network of qubits is computationally demanding. We propose a graph-theoretic approach to efficiently produce Bell monogamy relations in arbitrary arrangements of qubits. All the relations obtained for bipartite Bell inequalities are tight and leverage only a single Bell monogamy relation. This feature is unique to bipartite Bell inequalities, as we show that there is no finite set of such elementary monogamy relations for multipartite inequalities. Nevertheless, many tight monogamy relations for multipartite inequalities can be obtained with our method as shown in explicit examples.