Anyonic interferometry and protected memories in atomic spin lattices

TitleAnyonic interferometry and protected memories in atomic spin lattices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsJiang, L, Brennen, GK, Gorshkov, AV, Hammerer, K, Hafezi, M, Demler, E, Lukin, MD, Zoller, P
JournalNature Physics
Pages482 - 488
Date Published2008/4/20

Strongly correlated quantum systems can exhibit exotic behavior called
topological order which is characterized by non-local correlations that depend
on the system topology. Such systems can exhibit remarkable phenomena such as
quasi-particles with anyonic statistics and have been proposed as candidates
for naturally fault-tolerant quantum computation. Despite these remarkable
properties, anyons have never been observed in nature directly. Here we
describe how to unambiguously detect and characterize such states in recently
proposed spin lattice realizations using ultra-cold atoms or molecules trapped
in an optical lattice. We propose an experimentally feasible technique to
access non-local degrees of freedom by performing global operations on trapped
spins mediated by an optical cavity mode. We show how to reliably read and
write topologically protected quantum memory using an atomic or photonic qubit.
Furthermore, our technique can be used to probe statistics and dynamics of
anyonic excitations.

Short TitleNat Phys