Æ codes

TitleÆ codes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsJain, SP, Hudson, ER, Campbell, WC, Albert, VV
Date Published11/21/2023

Diatomic molecular codes [{arXiv:1911.00099}] are designed to encode quantum information in the orientation of a diatomic molecule, allowing error correction from small torques and changes in angular momentum. Here, we directly study noise native to atomic and molecular platforms -- spontaneous emission, stray electromagnetic fields, and Raman scattering -- and derive simple necessary and sufficient conditions for codes to protect against such noise. We identify existing and develop new absorption-emission (Æ) codes that are more practical than molecular codes, require lower average momentum, can directly protect against photonic processes up to arbitrary order, and are applicable to a broader set of atomic and molecular systems.