Jin-Peng Liu

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Graduate Student (2018-2022)
3106 Atlantic Building

Jin-Peng Liu received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program from the University of Maryland in 2022. He received NSF QISE-NET Triplet Award in 2021. He was a long-term visitor at Simons Institute in 2020. He focused mainly on the design and analysis of quantum algorithms for scientific computational problems, including topics such as linear and nonlinear differential equations, quantum dynamics, and stochastic processes, with applications in areas such as fluid dynamics, biology, quantum chemistry, economics, and finance. His adviser was Andrew Childs. After QuICS, he continued on as a Simons Quantum Postdoctoral Fellow at Simons Institute and UC Berkeley, hosted by Umesh Vazirani and Lin Lin.






A. M. Childs and Liu, J. - P., Quantum spectral methods for differential equations, Commun. Math. Phys. , vol. 375, pp. 1427-1457, 2020.