Eleanor Crane

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Postdoctoral Scholar (2022-2023)
2203 Atlantic Building

Eleanor Crane was a postdoctoral scholar from 2022 to 2023 investigating quantum simulation in circuit QED and trapped ions at QuICS and JQI. She also worked at the NIST figuring out how donors in silicon can become a complementary approach to more established platforms in quantum simulation. She works part-time for Quantinuum on implementing quantum simulation in digital quantum computers. She received her PhD from University College London with Prof. Fisher working both theoretically and experimentally on donors in silicon, where she also worked for IBM and made an exchange in the group of Prof Girvin at Yale developing a quantum computer software development kit for bosonic circuits and working on the simulation of lattice gauge theories in circuit QED. She grew up in a superposition of England and France and continues to enjoy discovering other cultures and always enjoys an adventure, whatever the nature. She is working at MIT as a Postdoctoral Researcher.