Dan Carney

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Postdoctoral Scholar (2017-2020)
3105 Atlantic Building
(301) 314-1694

Dan was postdoctoral scholar in QuICS (2017-2020). He is a theoretical physicist pursuing quantum gravity. He was trained as a high-energy theorist, but his focus has shifted to low-energy quantum gravity, since this regime is the most likely to be observable in practice.

His current research is focused on observational signatures and experimental detection schemes in low-energy quantum gravity scenarios. On the experimental side, he is particularly interested in the use of optomechanical and electromechanical systems to probe fundamental physics. On the theoretical side, he has worked on problems in cosmology, black holes, holography, and quantum information and decoherence issues in gravitational systems; the focus has been on long-wavelength phenomena and their connection to observation. He has a long-term obsession about the nature of physical observers in gravity.  He is now a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley laboratory.