Brian Swingle

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Assistant Professor
2107 John S. Toll Physics Building or 3245 Atlantic Building

Brian Swingle is an Assistant Professor of Physics. He studies the physics of quantum information especially in the context of quantum many-body systems and quantum gravity. Current interests include the emergence of gravity from entanglement, the efficient simulation of quantum many-body systems using entanglement-based methods, and the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum information. He received his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011.



S. Xu and Swingle, B., Locality, Quantum Fluctuations, and Scrambling, Phys. Rev. X , vol. 9, no. 031048, 2019.
J. Steinberg and Swingle, B., Thermalization and chaos in QED3, Phys. Rev. D , vol. 99, no. 076007, 2019.