Out of equilibrium dynamical phase transition with trapped ion spins


Jiehang Zhang (JQI)
Friday, September 22, 2017 - 4:15pm
PSC 2136

Trapped atomic ions are an ideal platform for building novel quantum systems from the ground up. The combination of long-lived qubit coherence time and mature laser manipulation techniques compose the building blocks of a quantum computer. We use this toolbox to engineer interacting many-body systems, where the spins are encoded in atomic hyperfine states and entangled via the shared motional quantum bus. This has enabled long-range quantum Ising models with individual measurement and control, which are scaled up to 50+ spins, where the dynamics is hard to tract classically. In this talk I will present our most recent observation of an out of equilibrium dynamical phase transition, where traditional statistical mechanics do not apply. The signatures of the phase transition is manifested in both low order observables such as magnetizations and two-body correlators, and becomes more distinct for higher order correlations such as the formation probability. We present the first experimental observation of this correlator with our single shot single-site resolved imaging capability.

*Snacks and drinks will be served at 4 pm*