Single-photon bound states in atomic ensembles


Yidan Wang (University of Maryland JQI)
Friday, September 14, 2018 - 12:00pm
PSC 2136
We illustrate the existence of single-excitation bound states for propagating photons interacting with N two-level atoms. These bound states can be calculated from an effective spin model, and their existence relies on dissipation in the system. The appearance of these bound states is in a one-to-one correspondence with zeros in the single-photon transmission  and with divergent  bunching in the second-order photon-photon correlation function. We also formulate a dissipative version of Levinson's theorem for this system by looking at the relation between the number of bound states and the winding number of the transmission phases. This theorem allows a direct experimental measurement of the number of bound states using the measured transmission phases.
Notes: Lunch served at 12:00 pm, talk at 12:15 pm.