Entanglement area law in superfluid helium-4

QuICS Special Seminar

Chris Herdman (Middlebury College)
Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
ATL 3100A
This talk will have quantum information connections.
Area laws were first discovered by Bekenstein and Hawking,
who found that the entropy of a black hole grows proportional to its
surface area, and not its volume. Entropy area laws have since become
a fundamental part of modern physics, from the holographic principle
in quantum gravity to ground state wavefunctions of quantum matter,
where entanglement entropy is generically found to obey area law
scaling. As no experiments are currently capable of directly probing
the entanglement area law in naturally occurring many-body systems,
evidence of its existence is based on studies of simplified theories.
Using new exact microscopic numerical simulations of superfluid
helium-4  we demonstrate for the first time an area law scaling of
entanglement entropy in a real quantum liquid in three dimensions. We
validate the fundamental principles underlying its physical origin,
and present an "entanglement equation of state" showing how it
depends on the density of the superfluid.
Chris will be around all day Friday as well.  If you would like to
meet with him, please email Jim Garrison, jrgarr@umd.edu