Electromagnetically induced transparency in inhomogeneously broadened solid-state systems


Haoquan Fan (Army Research Laboratory and JQI)
Friday, September 28, 2018 - 12:00pm
PSC 2136
We study, theoretically and experimentally, electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in two different solid-state systems. We observe EIT lineshapes typical of atomic gases, including a crossover into the regime of Autler-Townes splitting, but with the substitution of the inhomogeneous widths for the homogeneous widths. We obtain quantitative agreement between experiment and theory for the width of the transparency feature over a range of optical powers and inhomogeneous linewidths. We discuss regimes over which analytical and numerical treatments capture the behavior. As solid-state systems become increasingly important for scalable and integratable quantum optical and photonic devices, it is vital to understand the effects of the inhomogeneous broadening that is ubiquitous in these systems.
Notes: Lunch served at 12:00 pm, talk at 12:15 pm.