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Researchers from around the globe descended on downtown Washington, D.C. last week for the 6th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography, known colloquially as QCrypt.

From self-driving cars and IBM’s Watson to chess engines and AlphaGo, there is no shortage of news about machine learning, the field of artificial intelligence that studies how to make computers that can learn. Recently, parallel to these advances, scientists have started to ask how quantum devices and techniques might aid machine learning in the future.

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JQI-QuICS-CMTC Lunch Seminar
Paraj Titum (JQI, QuICS)
Friday, December 16 at 12:15 pm, PSC 2136


Pedro Costa (CBPF), Nov 7 to Feb 3
Sergey Bravyi (IBM), Feb 8 to Feb 10
Robert Koenig (TU Munich), Feb 13 to Feb 17
Antonio Acin (ICFO Barcelona), Feb 20 to Feb 24
Christian Schaffner (U. Amsterdam), Mar 6 to Mar 10
Zhengfeng Ji (UT Sydney), Mar 13 to Mar 17
Wim van Dam (UC Santa Barbara), Mar 23 to Mar 30
Matthew McKague (QUT), Apr 17 to Apr 21